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WisdomFall: Honestly it really depends on where u are in the netherlands

Jojo Roldan: I'm portuguese and I didn't understand anything she said.

Howling Wolf: Is like seeing an underage girl trying to act cool and like the dudes

Gabriel Mora: Canadian women will suck you dry; I mean your time, your money, your passion, your happiness etc. etc.

Sara Buzi: Not only girls :)

Dim Kall: Im portuguese and I didnt understand anything

Loukas Nazare: Jews hijacked the Ancient Hebrews Religion

Beth Campbell: Wow. So far, I'm just like this girl, and I'm not even Colombian! I'm clingy and get protective and I want to take care of you!

Buford Pusser: Make a dating a German man, please! (:

Maya Bubbles: This is why you only date Russian women who can speak no English. Then you can assign whatever value you want to everything they say!

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When someone says they don't go for looks are they lying?

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GoZuHaZa: Damn, this guy is creepy

Kunal Mahajan: In all the Asian countries, there is a culture of bring lighter skinned as the aristocracy in those nations considered pearl or milky skin to be attractive. Having a tan is considered lower , working class , a labourer in ancient times.

SmokyBarret: Y los mexicanos que chingada madre!


Misael Sierra: So funny and nice ! Great job! Do Swiss French please!

RyderTheHuman: I still dont get what's so weird about being honest to a woman? It has alot to do with respecting you as a human, when you ask me something, of course i give you a honest answer o.O

Abyss Gaming: I personally get so mad if a man tries to play this daddy game. Maybe it's the reason of my devotion to german men : They respect boundaries

Funsized: The Spanish one and the Korean were HAWT

Hatfar1: American Questions .

Jem Sugnet: Why is the boyfriend actor guy not in movies yet, funny as s**t, when he tried holding hands and then started slapping his own neck, I lmfao

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  1. I was drinking soda when she said you can put feet in it and it came out my nose

  2. Gotta admit, i watched this out of curiosity, but i couldn't stop staring at her boobs. I'm not the only one am i?

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