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Straight Guy Busting His Balls For Money - Naughty boy gets his balls busted

I am a straight year-old guy and I've been into ball-busting - having my balls kicked and stomped - since I was The...

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So how come once is enough for some guys?

NOW Newsletters Sign up to receive the latest from nowtoronto. I'm hoping you might have some advice or insight to explain why my brain is so messed up about all this and what I can do. It feels like I'm leading a double life, but I don't know what to do.

While that kind of override is not unheard of, it's not something that's easily explained to a girlfriend. I've thought of trying a relationship with a guy, but I don't know how that would work since I'm really not into having any kind of sex with a guy. Davenport singles

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Straight Guy Busting His Balls For Money

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Back to Search Results. While that kind of override is not unheard of, it's not something that's easily explained to a girlfriend. In fact, while sitting here writing this question to you, I'm hard because you're a good-looking guy and I'd love to have you kick my balls. We simply don't know why a person has this, that or the other kink, BSTD, and almost everyone has at least one sexual interest that is seen as kinky by those who don't share it.

I've tried getting busted by girls, watching videos of girls kicking men in the balls, etc, but I never even get hard from it. But secret double lives are stressful, and most people leading them eventually get found out. But it probably has something to do with your big, complex brain and the way it makes big, abstract and sometimes seemingly random connections - the kind of connections that lead to syntactical speech, creative intelligence and crazy-ass kinks.

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